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Happening now: @NBCNews Correspondent @Tom_Winter discusses breaking news at #IRE19. Follow along with updates on insights from our @IRE_NICAR panels.

“Know what to do for the flood before it rains”

@Tom_Winter discusses how preparation, knowledge of institutions, and contacts within communities helped breaking news coverage of a helicopter crash atop a building in New York. #IRE19  https://nbcnews.to/2WCJdcr 

“You’ve got to build off the credibility within your organization,” @Tom_Winter says at #IRE19. “Hopefully you work in an environment where when somebody says, ‘I don’t feel comfortable with us reporting this,’ that that’s a moment where the whole organization pulls back."

“We have a rule that if any of us aren’t comfortable with the sourcing, with the background...that stops the bus right there,” @Tom_Winter says of breaking news coverage. “We stop. We hold that detail-- let’s pause and get it right.” #IRE19

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