1) I think this story about "death with foam coming out of his mouth" "David Elias Goldberg" is fake news. Not a real person. Accusation that President Trump is planning a false flag war with Iran, blessed by the rabbis - also fake.


2) See this news story at " http://israeltodaynews.blogspot.com "


3) The blog post states: "David E. Goldberg was found dead in his New York apartment on June 8th. The death is being investigated, but at this time, authorities have given no indication as to the cause of death. He was 59."

4) Blog post continues: "Friends of Mr. Goldberg were given access to his accounts before his passing....At this time, they are reviewing many documents in Mr. Goldberg's possession, some of which appear to be top secret government documents."

5) The post alludes to Goldberg allegedly being aware of a top-secret @POTUS plan to declare war on Iran. He allegedly had documents from the White House. Allegedly some rabbis told Trump to declare the war so he can win re-election.

It all sounds plausible for a minute,then no.

6) Here is an earlier blog dated 4/18/19:

"WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: War with Iran planned by Trump, to occur in the Fall of 2019; Tactical nukes and ground invasion planned for Iran, according to whistle-blower"


7) Archive links

8) I cannot find any evidence that a "David Elias Goldberg" or "David E. Goldberg" age 59 existed in New York let alone died.

Searched MyLife, Ancestry, and  http://Geni.com .

9) All I can find are conspiracy site links.


10) YouTube channel.


11) Sounds legit.

12) I had seen his site before, and saw the bio shown in the screenshot as well, and it looked fake to me. Specifically I had never heard of a "Jewish Center for Antisemitic Study."

A Redditor caught this three months ago.


13) Cutting and pasting the bio I had seen - it's posted at Reddit.

“David Elias Goldberg is a graduate of The Jewish Academy in New York City, a fellow at the Jewish Center for Antisemitic Study and former liaison for the State Department's Israel Relief Fund study committee."

14) Never heard of The Jewish Academy in New York City.
Never heard of "the State Department's Israel Relief Fund study committee."
That doesn't mean they don't exist, just never heard of them, & I'm involved w/ the community.
Archive of that Reddit page.

15) I downloaded the photo.

 https://www.google.com/search?q=david+elias+goldberg&newwindow=1&rlz=1C1JZAP_enUS792US815&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=FO857MnMe_2eMM%253A%252CL4Kb67om6-3koM%252C_&vet=1&usg=AI4_-kR39Hy3KkrPdcQgoT7kmN-OpV2iwQ&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj81fargeziAhVFd6wKHRWzAw4Q9QEwBXoECAYQBA#imgrc=FO857MnMe_2eMM :

16) When I saved it to my computer, the photo showed that it was titled "unnamed."

17) I ran the photo through Yandex Image Search (which I believe searches Russian sites)


18) This photo "Igor Dovlatov" is a fake looking profile that looks similar to "David Elias Goldberg." Note the receding hairline, the eyes, the mouth in particular.


19) Google finds nothing.


20) Fake profile making real-sounding "whistleblower" claims.



21) "I already predicted what was going to happen a month ago, no one listened. Trump’s supporters are so stupid and brainwashed they will cheer on this fake war, as thousands perish.

David Elias Goldberg"

6 May ("Mei") 2019


22) Archived link

23) So now let's see what the disinformation source (Russia?) wants us to believe.

24) We are supposed to believe this news is coming "from Israel."


25) We are supposed to believe that this Jewish martyr left behind some very important, super-secret information, and that his friends will give it to the public.

26) We are supposed to believe that he knew something true, and dangerous, and that he was poisoned to death for this knowledge. ("Update 6/13" - 2 days ago.)

27) We are supposed to believe that everyone is covering up his death. (Note that 9/11 calls, hospital records, police records, calls to the media can all be looked into. I don't know how you would contact his family, since he doesn't seem to have existed.)

28) Obviously "David Goldberg" is a very generic Jewish name. It is odd that I couldn't find even 1 person named "David E. Goldberg" in the vicinity of age 59 in New York.

29) We are supposed to believe that @POTUS is polling badly (HAHAHAHA), but some "New York rabbis" promised him a win if he would only bomb the hell out of Iran.

Good God - this actually makes me think that maybe the recent Iran incident wasn't a false flag after all!

30) Skeptical comment - why were the videos pulled about a week BEFORE this supposed person supposedly died?

31) Someone else noted that the places this "Goldberg" referred to don't exist. The obvious response - the YT channel & blogger blog are disinfo.

32) Interesting comment and theory from 12:25 PM EDT today (about 2 hours ago):

"Goldberg is a fake. I sent him a comment criticizing him and the Jewish racketeers he works with. He speaks from both sides of his mouth at once" /1

33) "at one time seeming to warn Americans of the upcoming war with Iran, while also seeming to praise the expected victory over Iran and how it would benefit Israel. Not a nice person." /2

34) "Says that war was delayed because 95% of Americans today oppose war with the Ayatollahs. Says a victory could set the stage for the building of the Third Temple where the Dome of the Rock Mosque now stands." /3

35) "Seriously delusional and dangerous stuff from the Tribe of Dan mouthpiece or whatever Jewish lineage he claims to represent. I believe David Goldberg is pure psyops--never lived, never died" /4

36) "--just a Mossad front testing the apocalyptic waters for people's reactions to the upcoming Gog-Magog war which could end in WWIII." /5

37) Someone found a "David Goldberg, age 60, in Syosset NY" - thank you!

Showing you a map of Syosset, which is in Nassau County (Long Island).

Typically a "New York apartment" is in Manhattan though.

The other details do not check out.

38) Also - I have not watched this person's videos. So if anyone has done that and can provide further info, please do.

39) Whether this is a Russian operation, an Iranian operation, or an Israeli operation doesn't really matter to me. What does matter is that someone is trying to manipulate our foreign policy by channeling into alternative media sites and implanting a story that is false.

40) @realDonaldTrump @POTUS approval rating stands at approximately 46% as of last month.

41) As of yesterday the number was even higher. 51%.


42) "a couple of New York rabbis were meeting with Trump frequently" - I can believe that this happens, but don't believe that any of them could possibly promise him a 2020 victory in any event.

43) "the rabbis had a lot of power, in ways in which they could rig the elections if they needed to." -- does this mean kabbalistic incantations? control of voting machines? buying blocks of votes? Or just blatant anti-Semitic "tropes?"

44) "I guess they just have a lot of control or something, and Trump needed them." - again anti-Semitic stuff.

Look back a month - this is an effort to say that attacking Iran would inevitably be based on false pretenses.


45) Stay with me. If this news story is being called "predictive programming" by a DISINFORMATION SOURCE, then by my logic, it must be TRUE.

46) I am finding a lot of logical reporting about Iran from The Herald Report.

47) Surely this can be investigated, but I read: " http://Herald.Report  is independent and has no affiliation or funding from any entity."


48) Sample article.
"The military confrontation between the Islamic Republic in Iran and the government of the United States is inevitable....apart from the immediate practical problems...the ideological war...has come to a head."


50) Sorry about that. Sample tweet from someone else.
Again - I do not know what to believe.

51) The Iran stuff matters not only because American lives are at risk but because politicians are running for office who may be questionable. For example - who is Yasmine Taeb, candidate for a State Senate seat in VA?


52) @HeshmatAlavi seemed like an intelligent voice about Iran. Censored off of Twitter.

53) Screenshot of what I could get.

(By the way, Twitter has started marking my tweets in some cases as not viewable, and has restricted my ability to share information from certain sites, etc. I'm on Gab - drdannielle and Parler - dannielleblumenthal. Medium censored me.)

54) Murtaza Hussain at the Intercept claims he may actually be an invented person: "AN IRANIAN ACTIVIST WROTE DOZENS OF ARTICLES FOR RIGHT-WING OUTLETS. BUT IS HE A REAL PERSON?"


55) So there's a lot of this stuff going on, but in the meantime, I am going to retract my earlier statement that the Iran attacks sound fake. Because nobody would go to the trouble of providing disinformation about them, unless they were real.

56) To close out, here are some links to recent news stories about Iran.
My feeling is we're going to get involved, and that we'll have to.
If it's a tossup, I do trust Q.





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