Christiaan Triebert @trbrtc Visual Investigations @nytimes. Used to roam the world for @bellingcat. Monitoring things, mostly niche. Retired hitchhiker. @quiztime. Usual caveats. Jun. 16, 2019 1 min read

Great video for the Saturday nights: this dude printed a massive diagram of all the @Bellingcat contributors and discussed their suspicious connections, one big spy conspiracy including. Wauw. Is this for real or a parody? 😂

Psst.. Mr. Mikhalkov, you're right that @N_Waters89 and I studied together at King's College London.. “the apparatus that trains personnel for British military intelligence”. You know who was there too? @Yaolri.. and guess where he works now?! The BBC.. Coincidence? I THINK NOT

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