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1. So much to unpack here: Was Trump kept in the dark about “cyberattacks” on Russia or was that a story NatSec officials made up to the NYT to make Russians believe they were being attacked? If the former, how common is it for POTUS to be kept in the dark about such things?

2. Some things I recall Obama was kept in the dark about when he was POTUS: The Petraeus affair that DoJ didn’t tell Obama about until two days after the 2012 election; German chancellor Angela Merkel being wiretapped since 2002; problems with healthcare enrollment website…

3. If Russia is being “cyberattacked” by US, why is that being leaked to the press? Who benefits from this? What’s their agenda?

Is Trump’s denial that this attack is happening like Obama’s denial that he knew Merkel was being wiretapped, to shield the White House? So many ?? 🤔

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