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The preorder price for PROOF OF CONSPIRACY, effectively the counterintelligence sequel to the Mueller Report, is now down to $19 and change. This book is 600 pages of proof that the Trump administration is compromised—and that the 2016 election was, too. 


APRIL 2016: Gates solicits Israeli collusion.

MAY 2016: Israelis tied to Kremlin and UAE pitch social media disinformation campaign. Trump campaign says it cannot be seen to pay for it.

JUNE 2016: Israelis, in Russia, ask Saudis and Emiratis to pay.


AUGUST 2016: Kremlin-linked Israelis, Saudis, and Emiratis pitch disinformation campaign⁠—paid for by Saudis and Emiratis⁠—to Don Jr. at Trump Tower. He says yes.

AUGUST-NOVEMBER 2016: Disinformation campaign, dovetailing with Trump campaign and Kremlin ops, occurs.


AUGUST-OCTOBER 2016: Saudis pay AMI (National Enquirer) to "catch and kill" stories that could end Trump's presidential campaign.

MARCH-NOVEMBER 2016: Kushner being secretly advised on national security and foreign policy issues by Kremlin, Emirati, and Israeli agents.


MAY 2016-FEBRUARY 2017: Manafort, Flynn, and Cohen—with Trump's knowledge—secretly negotiating sanctions relief with multiple Kremlin agents as a way of inducing the Kremlin to continue supporting the Trump campaign and (Trump hopes) publish any "missing" Clinton emails.


NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2016: Saudis and Emiratis pay Israelis for their work; Israelis rewarded with partnership with entity that originally helped them get hired by the Trump campaign (along with the Israeli government): Trump's Bannon-founded data firm, Cambridge Analytica.


PRE-ELECTION PERIOD 2015 TO 2016: Trump campaign spreads Kremlin and Israeli disinformation; assures Russians, Israelis, Saudis, Emiratis and Egyptians that it supports a "grand bargain": ending Russian sanctions in exchange for Russia abandoning Iran in the Middle East.


OCTOBER-NOVEMBER 2015: The collusion conspiracy begins on a yacht in the Red Sea—where the leaders of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Egypt convene with the Emirates' Kremlin emissary to agree that the parties present will do everything possible to elect Donald Trump.

(PS) The FBI has this info—some of it from Mueller, some from its own work. And what I've itemized here is just 5% of PROOF OF CONSPIRACY. Those who think "Mueller already investigated this" didn't read his report, which was about a before-the-fact Trump-GRU/Trump-IRA conspiracy.

(PS2) Not only did Mueller not investigate bribery/aiding and abetting, not only did he say he'd repeatedly been blocked from gathering info by Trump/his aides, he made *clear* he passed any and all counterintelligence information to the FBI, rather than putting it in his report.

(PS3) So to any person who says to you, "So why didn't Bob Mueller write about in his report some of what Seth's now talking about?", tell them to *stop pretending that they read the Mueller Report*, actually do their civic duty and go read it, and *then* get back to you on that.

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