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Companies including Google, Amazon and Netflix are renting entire buildings in L.A. before construction begins, setting off a scramble to erect billions of dollars’ worth of new offices and production facilities to accommodate them. @rogervincent explains:  http://ow.ly/msjV30oWXmq 

The explosive growth is lifting economic hot spots such as Hollywood, Culver City and Playa Vista, where the companies have set up shop. Below, an office building under construction on Sunset Blvd. that has been leased to Netflix.

Real estate developers are performing radical makeovers on old buildings as next-gen offices put a premium on features like natural light and outdoor decks. Google will occupy One Westside, formerly the Westside Pavilion.

One perhaps surprising trend is the excommunication of escalators, which can be replaced with stairways leading to open-air indoor bridges.

Netflix, Amazon and other giants are thought to be in the process of establishing long-lasting, university-like enclaves. Netflix is all-in on Hollywood, while Amazon Studios has locked in more than 600,000 square feet in Culver City.  https://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-google-amazon-netflix-land-grab-20190616-story.html 

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