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+ Your AuthorsArchive @AndyFidel_ #️⃣ Exploring the social side of immersive reality 🥽 @SpatialNetworkz VR/AR 🔮 Virtual Nomad 🛴✨ Social @WXRfund 👇 #GetSocial Events #socialVR Jun. 16, 2019 3 min read

How to Take Your Remote Business to the Next Level With #SocialVR ⚡️  

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🤝 Future of Meetings
👤 Building a Culture Of Collective Success
🛠️ How to Create a VR Event
✏ Virtual Pictionary

Building a Culture Of Collective Success ✨ #SocialVR can be used to train internal teams, organize networking events and implement peer-to-peer learning programs designed around brand’s key corporate values.

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Not everyone is on #SocialMedia, but everyone uses #SearchEngines ⚡️ Let's geek out on Search Engines and latest updates 🗓️ June 18th #SEO #SocEnt 

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Data ⚡ Security ⚡ Access ⚡ Privacy ⚡ Join conversation on the future regulation of big data, access inequalities, ethics of AI, opportunities and privacy challenges. Today at 7:30 PM PST #AIethics #PublicData 

STARTING SOON ⚡ Learn how to create your very own event in #AltspaceVR! Tues, June 18th 💼 hosted by @schmidtec RSVP:  on mobile, PC or in VR. #FutureofRemoteWork

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Leaning into #SEO as Google shifts from #searchengine to portal  How to prepare your company for #Google's new search customer journey. via @geochingu @sejournal #SERP

What is the future of remote work? 💼⚡️ Join @okkatiekay in a conversation about the Future of Meetings in #AltspaceVR's new Summit environment.

RSVP Thurs, June 20th on mobile/PC or in VR.  #SocialVR

SEO chat in #GetSocial starts in 30! ⚡️ #SocialVR

🔎 New Google #SERP
💭 Role of #SocialMediaRelations in SEO
🤔 Next steps for #bigdata?
📄 Search Engine to Portal 

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What is the Future of Remote work? ⚡ New piece on utilizing #SocialVR for Entreprise + B2B networking. How do you want to use VR? Let me know below 👇🔮 

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💬 Hablamos Español
🤓 Search Engine Geek Out
💥 AI & Big Data Mingle
✈ The Virtual Nomad Life
💬 Gender Talks
🎓 Future of Education in VR
🔫 When does VR Violence get too real?

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SEO chat in #SocialVR today at 4:30 PM PST! ⚡️ #getsocial

🔎 New Google #SERP
💭 Role of #SocialMediaRelations in SEO
🤔 Next steps for #bigdata?
📄 Read: Search Engine to Portal 

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What is the Future of Education? ⚡️ Join me in a conversation about virtual education and how #SocialVR plays an essential role in expanding global access.

RSVP July 8th  #getsocial

When Does VR Violence Get Too Real? 🔫

#VirtualChat on immersive gaming 💥 correlation between #VR & IRL violence 💥 ethical challenges 💥 alternate gaming options #GetSocial

RSVP July 8th  Available on mobile/PC/VR #socialVR

Bienvenido! Nos reunimos cada semana para hablar sobre computación espacial y el futuro de #realidadvirtual y la #realidadaumentada 😎💬 Hoy a las 11:30 AM PST  #socialVR

Future of Virtual Identities ⚡️ What does it mean to have a virtual identity? What do you want yours to be? RSVP July 11th 😎💬 

Thanks for the Medium shout-out #ARVRJourney! ⚡️💼 How to take your remote business to the next level with Social VR  #socialVR #getsocial

The Realities of a Being a #VirtualNomad ✈️⛅️ There’s more to being a digital worker than living a pants-optional lifestyle. Let’s talk about what it really takes to be a remote entrepreneur.

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The Realities of a Being a #VirtualNomad ✈️⛅️ Keep your production gear light and organized for quick travels. What do you need? Jump in @ 2:30 PM PST  #socialVR #digitalnomad

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