Jeremy Duns @JeremyDuns Author of Free Agent, Song of Treason, The Moscow Option, Spy Out The Land and non-fiction Dead Drop. Simon & Schuster UK/Penguin US. Agent: @GreeneandHeaton Jun. 17, 2019 1 min read

Yes, just last night Baños appeared on the Spanish TV show Cuarto Milenio, a wild, David Icke-esque conspiracy theory show, to discuss telepathic espionage techniques with several other conspiracy theory cranks.

Like Icke, and a lot of conspiracy theory, antisemitism is never far away. One of the guests on last night's show along with Baños was Enrique de Vicente, who is a barking mad antisemite. Here he is on the same show in 2015, discussing the refugee crisis: 

From around 12 minutes he starts asking who is funding the refugees, and his theory, mentioning the Bilderbergs and Goldman Sachs, is the infamous antisemitic hoax the Kalergi plan. A fellow panelist explains it at 18 minutes in.

If Ebury do as they say in that Bookseller article and look into this properly, I think they'll discover several problems: even if you take away the antisemitism (as they did) they've published a guy who believes in the Illuminati and all sort of other crap as a credible expert.

So how they saw the antisemitism but decided it wasn't disqualifying and they'd just drop it is one issue. But how they thought the book passed muster at all is another. This is really a dire crank, and he's just lifted every nutty conspiracy theory there is.

I do hope they look at it properly.

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