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For nearly two decades, Jay Inslee has sounded warnings about climate change. Now, the Washington governor is basing his presidential campaign on it. The question: will voters listen?  https://lat.ms/2XSsrCP 

He’s turned flooded towns in Iowa and burn zones in California into campaign stops; it’s why he’s giving headaches to Democratic leaders by demanding a climate debate.

Inslee has decided to take the battle to the world’s largest stage.  https://lat.ms/2RhApmC 

In March, Inslee visited Agoura Hills, California where wildfires had ravaged the landscape, razing a mobile home park to the foundations.

“Trying to stop these forest fires just with raking the leaves is like trying to turn back the rising tide with a spoon,” he said.

He later unveiled an ambitious proposal to convert the United States to 100% renewable energy by 2035, a move likely to add pressure on his Democratic presidential rivals to detail their own plans to slow climate change.  https://lat.ms/2RewIhx 

There are also signs that more people are coming around to Inslee’s philosophy on climate change. Now congressional Democrats are discussing a Green New Deal to transform the economy to produce clean energy.  https://lat.ms/2Rd9hVC 

Other Democratic presidential hopefuls, like Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren, have made their own climate proposals. But none have received the same amount of praise from climate experts and activists than Inslee’s.

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