Jeremy Duns @JeremyDuns Author of Free Agent, Song of Treason, The Moscow Option, Spy Out The Land and non-fiction Dead Drop. Simon & Schuster UK/Penguin US. Agent: @GreeneandHeaton Jun. 17, 2019 1 min read

Baroness Neuberger says Baños would be over the line 'if he's known to have made lots of allusions to some kind of Jewish conspiracy'. He has: Israel behind JFK assassination etc but also all these interviews about this book:

Perhaps someone can send her the four threads in my pinned tweet. I've looked into this pretty extensively now, and think it's rather unmistakable.

I'm pleased they're giving it another look, but reading it over the weekend with no apparent knowledge of the situation, then going on Today to claim the English edition isn't antisemitic, totally missing the point, isn't massively encouraging. Please look properly now.

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