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When David Smith, a US Marine Corps Reserve sergeant, died at a military hospital in Germany after being injured by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan, his mother decided to donate his organs to 7 strangers.
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He is one of 83 US service members who have donated a total of 236 organs to recipients in Germany and 7 other countries since 2003, according to the German Foundation for Organ Transplantation. (2/5)

Many American soldiers wounded abroad are initially brought to Landstuhl medical center in Germany to receive treatment.

Without its donation program, US service members abroad could not become donors, as their organs would not survive transport back to the US. (3/5)

Around 9,400 patients are currently waiting for an organ in Germany.

“Among the German population, organ donations are not so well-accepted, there are often ethical concerns,” says Ana Barreiros, a doctor. "Every organ that is donated in Germany is a success story." (4/5)

8 years after Smith’s death, a group of organ recipients updated his mother:

The kidney and pancreas recipients were thriving.

The man who received his heart was “doing exceptionally well.”

The boy who received his liver split “now enjoys life like a normal teenager.” (5/5)

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