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1. As a malignant narcissist, Trump will be unable to process the thought of losing a fair election. Not unwilling. Not disinclined. Quite literally *unable*. So yes, it is a certainty that if he loses, he will blame some kind of cheating or betrayal.

2. And as a malignant narcissist, Trump will do anything to avoid a perceived humiliation. *Anything.* No norm, law, or precedent will restrain him. So yes, it is a certainty that if he loses, he will call on his followers (in & out of gov't) to reject the results.

3. Trump's reaction to a loss is the most predictable thing in the world. What remains to be seen - and will probably determine whether the US continues as a democracy - is how his followers, & civil society generally, respond to his inevitable reaction.

4. I have no idea how that will go. I don't know whether there's anyone left on the right who would resist full authoritarianism (kinda doesn't seem like it). I don't know whether US civic leaders & institutions have the wherewithal to navigate that sort of thing. I really dunno.

5. But one thing's for sure: everyone needs to start thinking about this and planning for it. Because if Dems win, Trump will do what Trump does; he will be what he is. He has no choice. He's not doing grand strategy here. He *can't* accept loss. So he won't. </fin>

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