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The attorney for the LAPD officer who fatally shot a man at a Costco in Corona says the officer was defending himself and his 1-year-old child after being attacked and briefly knocked unconscious.  http://ow.ly/QEEW50uGGfZ 

“He was shopping with his wife and 1½-year-old at Costco. His son was was in his arms and he was feeding his son some samples when within seconds he was on the ground and woke up from being unconscious and he was fighting for his life,” attorney David Winslow said.

Authorities said the assault, which was captured on Costco security cameras, was unprovoked and led the officer to fire his weapon, killing Kenneth French, a 32-year-old man described by his family as having an intellectual disability.  https://lat.ms/2RkkYtP 

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