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I did!

Remember when everyone was in a total panic last fall?

I wrote my first Twitter thread that went (sort of) viral trying to tamp down the panic.

The theory there was a case going to the Supreme Court (Gamble v. U.S.) and if the Court ruled in Gamble's favor . . .

. . . it would make it easier for Trump to pardon his friends.

The Kavanaugh hearings were going on.

The theory arose that the GOP was desperate to confirm Kavanaugh so that he could be the deciding vote against Gamble, so that Trump could pardon all his friends. . . .

Just when I thought the panic could get worse, a celebrity with 3 million followers tweeted this ⤵️

If you want a reminder what the panic was about, I'll link to my thread in the next tweet, and an article I co-authored with @jedshug in the following tweet.

I made two arguments: (1) even if the case was decided in Gamble's favor, it would not affect any of Trump's pals indicted in the Russia investigation, and (2) the right thing to do would be to rule in Gamble's favor.

See article in next tweet . . .

I co-authored this article with @jedshug ⤵️

The two Justices who, in my view, did the right thing were Ginsburg and Gorsuch.

Yay Ginsburg. And yay Gorsuch. Go figure.


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