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What percent of Google searches end with:
- zero clicks?
- paid ad clicks?
- clicks to Alphabet-owned properties like YouTube, Google Maps, & Android?
- and how many still go to the rest of the web?
My latest blog post has answers:  https://sparktoro.com/blog/how-much-of-googles-search-traffic-is-left-for-anyone-but-themselves/ 

There's five more charts in the post w/ data like:
- Google's share of clicks to Alphabet properties over time
- Paid, Organic, & Zero-Click on desktop & mobile over time
- Amount of organic clicks every month from 2016-2019
So, y'know, don't assume it's just that pie chart 🤗

Also - note that these numbers are different than what I've shared in the past. That's b/c I messed up, foolishly mixing % of searches w/ % of search clicks. This post fixes those, and the @jumpshotinc crew reviewed to help me get it right. Apologies for my previous inaccuracies.

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