The lamentable fate of Mike Stuchbery 🎃🍷 @MikeStuchbery_ (Freelance) Journalist, Historian, Teacher & Tour Guide ★ 🇦🇺 in 🇩🇪 ★ Contributing Editor at @BylineTimes ★ History at @TheLocalEurope ★ Resolutely ↙️↙️↙️ Jun. 18, 2019 2 min read

I normally don't bother with justifying myself on things like this to other people, but let me make some things clear, because, well, I'm fed up... /1

1. I'm *not* working full-time. My transition to freelancing was precipitated by the events of the last few months. I had to make some very quick decisions, based on outside forces - ie. 'Tommy' supporters trying to interfere. /2

2. I have a few part-time roles, that I am inordinately grateful for. They help get me part of the way to balancing the books.

I also pitch to publications every day, but sometimes they experience budget freezes for freelancers - this is completely understandable. /3

3. I would love to have a stable role that suited what I do, and I'd try not to monetize the writing, but right now, it's difficult considering the harassment that's always flaring up.

There are entire Twitter accounts that spend each day dragging my name through the mud. /4

4. I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't gamble. I don't have any vices I can think of that are excessive. I'm happy with a well-made coffee.

To be honest, I haven't let the house apart from picking up a prescription in the last fortnight - can't afford to. /5

5 I work several hours a day on commissions I am lucky enough to have, but as anyone who writes knows, it's not always possible to get invoices paid on time. /6

6. I'm doing all of this while fending off long-term depression, and making sure that my wife, who has struggled with her own illness, is on the right track. /7

7 Forgive the TMI, but to be quite honest, I've had enough, I've got nothing to gain by bottling it all up, and I think it's high time people understood the effect these harassment campaigns can have. /8

8. You may not like me, you may think I'm a fat mouthy lefty git, but I've never published pieces that weren't cleared by legal. So much for freedom of speech?

I've also never made a living off the back of demonizing an entire faith, race or sexuality. At least there's that. /9

Right, going to turn my phone off and try to make the day a productive one.

Sorry about the rant - it's been a long time coming. Have a great day. /FIN

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