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For 13 years, Rep. Devin Nunes relied on an experienced political consultant for his campaign advertising.

But during the 2018 campaign, he dramatically increased ad buys and turned to a political supporter with little experience to handle the job.  https://lat.ms/2XWbM10 

Nunes’ sharply higher fundraising in 2018 came about because as chair of the House Intelligence Committee, he had suddenly gained a national name as a staunch defender of President Trump.  https://lat.ms/2IoBwhx 

Nunes didn’t look far for a replacement. He turned to Tal Cloud, a longtime political supporter. Ultimately, one-fifth of Nunes’ campaign budget flowed through Cloud’s firm, federal campaign finance records show.  https://lat.ms/2XWbM10 

In past campaigns, Nunes’ ad buys were never greater than $158,000 and averaged a total of just over $72,000 per cycle.

This time, by contrast, Nunes would spend roughly $2.3 million on advertising and opposition research.  https://lat.ms/2XWbM10 

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