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It all started with a Facebook post: “Looking to paint a few more murals in Paradise," Shane Grammar wrote. "Anyone have a canvas?”  https://lat.ms/2MSJW4J 

Grammar went on to paint more than a dozen murals on the ruins from Camp fire, adorning broken concrete walls and rusted cars until they were excavated and the murals crumbled to the ground.  https://lat.ms/2MSJW4J 

He titled a piece on a blackened chimney “Beauty Among the Ashes.” One woman wrote on Facebook: “Love that there is something beautiful to look at in the midst of the devastation.”  https://lat.ms/2MSJW4J 

Despite some residents’ claim that Shane is profiting from the disaster, Shane insists that his mission, to bring hope where there seems to be little left, is pure.  https://lat.ms/2MSJW4J 

Metro reporter @LauraMNewberry takes a look at the artist behind the murals that are restoring beauty and hope to Paradise.  https://lat.ms/2MSJW4J 

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