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As far as this Jew is concerned, AOC is 100% right.

And I'm sick of hearing that the honor of Jews like me is being defended by members of a party (the GOP) whose leader thinks there were "good people" chanting "JEWS WILL NOT REPLACE US" in Charlottesville.

Take a hike, Cheney.

1/ The GOP—at least its leadership in DC—categorically *opposes* the values Jews like me are taught in religious school. The fact that there are now Muslims and women (and Muslim women) in Congress the GOP wants to attack has *nothing* to do with advancing the values of Judaism.

2/ "Concentration camp" is a term that applies to much more than just the "death" or "extermination" camps in Europe in the 40s. This is an issue that academics and nonprofit groups long ago settled. Yet again the GOP is celebrating ignorance over knowledge by implying otherwise.

3/ Tweets like this are *condescending to Jews*, @Liz_Cheney, as you seem to assume we're stupid enough to fall *en masse* for whatever misdirection (and perversion of history and language) you think *your* (BTW largely non-Jewish) followers will fall for.

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