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Something else about Dachau, the first Nazi concentration camp. It was made possible by a prolonged campaign, using print & radio, targeting groups - communists, 'asocials', homosexuals, trade unionists.

The hate & fear felt by Germans towards them negated much opposition.

Germans were used to the pronouncements of Hitler, often reprinted in newspapers. Plenty thought him ridiculous at first.

Once the NSDAP came to power, they had vastly more access to radio, and they used it to repeat the same brief messages, over and over.

When press statements were made about Dachau opening in what was once an old war munitions factory, many Germans thought it only right.

After all, prisons were full, those working against the safety and security of Germany had to kept *somewhere* until ready to be released.

Dachau - the imprisonment of 'enemies of the Reich' in general - was only made possible by the abstraction of the 'other', the reduction of swathes of the population to a variable in an equation, a problem to be solved.

That's it. A simple problem.

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