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When it comes to the “swarmageddon” of small earthquakes happening about 40 miles east of downtown LA for the past 3 weeks, reactions have been mixed.  https://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-earthquake-swarm-small-20190619-story.html 

California has small quakes all the time, but not all of them create the same effect. Some bring more danger than others.  https://lat.ms/2MxYuGU 

Luckily, experts have a better look than ever before on California’s smaller earthquakes, as officials build out an earthquake early warning system.

Ultimately, the chance of a smaller earthquake triggering something far bigger is pretty remote, writes @ronlin. The last mega-earthquake preceded by small quakes in Southern California struck in 1857.

Still, what can you do? If you’re living in a swarm - even a gentle one - strap down your bookcases just in case.

And it never hurts to have your earthquake emergency kit ready.

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