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(Thread) Taking Action

I’ve updated my “Things to do” webpage with new ideas.

Volunteering not only helps save democracy: It'll help save your sanity by lifting you out of the exhaustion of the daily news cycle.

As Prof. @TimothyDSnyder explains . . .

1/ . . . leaders like Trump and Putin govern by crisis and spectacle. “Governing by crisis and spectacle” is a thing. More here:

Here are things you can do:

In some states, you can become an official volunteer voter registrar. . .

2/ James Williams in Maryland tells how he did it in his state here ⤵️

He completed his course and keeps his certificate and paperwork with him so he never misses an opportunity to register a new voter.

3/ You can also become a poll judge. Each state has a different procedure. James tells how he did it in Maryland:

In California, you can volunteer to be a poll worker. Here's how:

4/ Tell your elected representatives your views.

The Democratic Coalition keeps a list and easy instruction here:

5/ If you are a lawyer, volunteer with a promote and protect the vote organization (connected to the Democratic party). Here are some of my experiences:

As Obama said, "All politics is local."

The Tea Party succeeded in part because they . . .

6/ . . .they organized locally and put pressure on local representatives. This is why Indivisible formed: To help each community create their own grassroots organization.

To find your local Indivisible group, here's the link⤵️

7/ Here’s my full list:

If you have other ideas, please let me know.


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