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ICYMI: A U.S. government attorney told startled appellate court judges that it should not be required to provide soap to children concentrated into overcrowded camps.

Exceptional reporting by my colleague @HelenChristophi at @CourthouseNews. 

If you think that is an intellectual exercise, you haven’t been paying attention to what’s been going on at these camps.

Other conditions in these camps that the Justice Department attorney defended in this video:

* sleep deprivation
* exposure to cold temperatures
* not providing toothbrushes

Watch the DOJ do this at length starting around minute 27 of this video. 

A dry but crucial legal point: The DOJ attorney argues later in the video that “safe and sanitary” is vague and unenforceable, in keeping with Trump admin’s longstanding goal to shred the 1997 Flores consent decree.

They want no limits on how and how long these kids are held.

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