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Last year, Mayor Buttigieg implemented a body camera program in effort to ease tensions with the city's African American community.

The devices would make officers accountable on the job and build public trust, he said.
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The program failed Sunday, when a white police sergeant shot to death a black man allegedly holding a knife. The sergeant's body camera never turned on.  https://nbcnews.to/2WTeLGn  (2/4)

Instead of having video footage that could show whether the shooting was justified ─ and help the public understand what happened ─ South Bend may become a case study in the risks of inadequate guidelines on how body cameras should be used.  https://nbcnews.to/2WTeLGn  (3/4)

Buttigieg ─ whose strained relationship with African Americans in South Bend dates to his 2012 firing of city's first black police chief ─ rushed home after shooting.

He ordered police to activate their body cameras during all "work-related interactions with civilians." (4/4)

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