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This AI will do its best to turn any picture into a recipe. It doesn't always recover the original recipe exactly.
new blog post:  https://aiweirdness.com/post/185726764757/this-neural-net-knows-your-secret-recipe 
code & paper by @facebookai :  https://research.fb.com/publications/inverse-cooking-recipe-generation-from-food-images/ 
colab notebook by @jonathanfly :  https://colab.research.google.com/gist/JonathanFly/33946a08080041e90e8360b25e263a4e/facebook-cooking-demo.ipynb 

it figured out it is supposed to be making easter eggs, but has no idea how.

it will try to turn anything into a recipe, even if it's not food

the interface will now allow you to specify custom ingredients!
i gave it chocolate, cake, and horseradish as the only three allowed ingredients, and it did the best job that could be expected of it

i gave it

fresh_edible_flower, sierra_mist, cake, taco_shell, gold_leaf_foil

which are all valid ingredients, but the AI straight up refuses to add the weirder ones

human: squirrel bleach squirrel bleach squirrel bleach
ai: look at the pretty flowers

I tried to break the ai with a picture of cake as prompt and 'taco_shell' and 'gold_leaf_foil' as repeating ingredients and it responded with this

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