Seth Abramson @SethAbramson @Newsweek columnist. Analyses @BBC. NYT bestselling author of Proof of Conspiracy ( Next: Citizen Journalist (Macmillan). Professor. Attorney. Jun. 20, 2019 1 min read

Trump probably killed another migrant today (24 dead in his camps so far) but let's table that for a second guys I want to talk about Joe Biden's inartful comments on D.C. logrolling

I was going to talk about how a UN report has revealed that the murder squad sent to kill a WaPo journalist by Kushner's pal MBS—who Trump is illegally selling arms to—called Khashoggi a "sacrificial animal" but then I was like de Blasio's the 20th Dem in the debate not Bullock??

The Democrats who waste everyone's time discussing trivialities in the middle of a goddamn national emergency will always tell you they multi-task and spend *plenty* of time reading up on and discussing the impending end of American rule of law but you know what? *nah* not really

Hey guys I don't know if this is relevant to our ongoing discussion of which Democratic debate will make for funner TV but in a recent poll a plurality of Republicans said that the president should be able to shut down television networks if he gets upset at them

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