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Monmouth is rated A+ by polling expert @NateSilver538.

As @tedlieu just pointed out, this 👇 is very bad news for Trump.

It also balances 538's very gloomy chart showing that Trump has held steady at about 40-42% approval.

Because elections are held locally (votes locally tabulated) cheaters target swing districts in swing states.

I've monitored polling places, including electronic machines, and I can't see cheating overcoming numbers like these.

The enemy will be complacency.

Tigerlilly asks 👇

The Democrats won the midterms by 8 percentage points—even with cheating.

Obviously the results would have been higher without all the cheating.

Yes, with numbers like those, GOP cheating will not be enough to sway the 2020. . .

People just need to get involved with their local elections👇

I worked for Promote and Protect the vote in 2016 and 2018. My work including monitoring the tabulation of electronic voting machines in Nevada as a volunteer lawyer.


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