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NYT failing to mention the environmental impact of such an escalation - how much CO2 would such a strike have produced? If humans’ activity impacts “climate change,” shouldn’t media be doing a better job of highlighting when humans are contributing unnecessary CO2?

2. A reason many don’t believe that humans generating CO2 causes planet warming is they don’t see visible efforts from governments to reduce (beyond lecturing citizens) their own CO2 footprints - militaries produce unfathomable amounts of CO2 every day. 

3. Imagine if highways and roads had digital signs that indicated how much CO2 was generated that day by riders using that highway or road. Imagine if airports had such signs all over, showing how much CO2 arriving/departing flights at that airport generated that day.

4. If militaries and human activity are generating planet-frying CO2, why isn’t the first recommendation in the Paris Accord on climate or any climate accord: “Stop all wars; sign peace agreements with your enemy…”?

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