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Some things in business you just can't afford to change

Because loyal returning customers might be upset and churn

I just went to a massage place in Bali that I was going to for over 3 years in a raw

Increased prices. New people. "Hard massage" is suddenly a separate item on the menu for 40% more, on top already increased prices

Learned all these changes when I was already on the table. I got up. Packed my things and left

I did not have enough cash on me for the "hard" massage, but just enough for the "regular" that I did not want

This is not entirely about the money tho. When you start tweaking any part of your business for the wrong reason too fast - customer that been loyal to you will leave for because you they loved you for the exact thing you just changed

Be mindful of that. Introduce change gracefully. Grandfather your loyal customers.

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