The Onion @TheOnion America's Finest News Source. Jun. 21, 2019 1 min read

Hot Wheels Ranked Number One Toy For Rolling Down Ramp 

Knocking Over Dominoes That Send Marble Down A Funnel

Dropping Onto Teeter-Totter That Yanks On String

Propelling Series Of Twine Rollers That Unwind Spring

Launching Tennis Ball Across Room

Inching Tire Down Slope Until It Hits Power Switch

Activating Table Fan That Blows Toy Ship With Nail Attached To It Across Kiddie Pool

Popping Water Balloon That Fills Cup

Weighing Down Lever That Forces Basketball Down Track

Nudging Broomstick On Axis To Rotate

Allowing Golf Ball To Roll Into Sideways Coffee Mug

Which Tumbles Down Row Of Hardcover Books Until Handle Catches Hook Attached To Lever That Causes Wooden Mallet To Slam Down On Serving Spoon

Catapulting Small Ball Into Cup Attached By Ribbon To Lazy Susan

Which Spins Until It Pushes D Battery Down Incline Plane

Tipping Over Salt Shaker To Season Omelet

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