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More than 7,000 dogs are registered to come to work at Amazon’s offices in Seattle, where every day is “Take Your Dog To Work Day.”  http://ow.ly/xbvb30oYW5f 

As lines blur between work and home, companies nationwide are finding that dog-friendly perks are relatively cheap compared to conventional benefits—and they’re a useful recruiting tool, as well. 📸: @karenducey  http://ow.ly/xbvb30oYW5f 

When their owners have meetings, Amazon dogs can pop into a doggy day-care spot for a shampoo, blow dry and “nail pawlish.” 📸: @karenducey  http://ow.ly/xbvb30oYW5f 

Amazon dogs can also play on a 17th-floor deck created just for them, with ornamental fire hydrants and artificial grass. 📽️: @karenducey  http://ow.ly/xbvb30oYW5f 

A host of dog-oriented enterprises have cropped up in Amazon’s neighborhood. For example, dogs and owners can stop to lunch on flank steak at an Irvine-based chain offering “human-grade” meals. 📸: @karenducey  http://ow.ly/xbvb30oYW5f 

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