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Going over old tweets, am struck by how cyclical life can be

Years ago, in Moscow, dealing with my then husband’s bizarre “fan”

And the situation my boyfriend & I are dealing with now, which a lot of you know about

At least I’ve gotten better at taking creepy ppl seriously?!

Looking at my social media, I used to be *so* cavalier about telegraphing my exact current location, for example

Especially when wanting to promote/give love to certain establishments

I used to feel so naively safe. AND IN MOSCOW OF ALL PLACES. Lol that’s very much over now.

This isn’t to say, “If you’re dealing with creepy people, you deserve what’s coming if you’re not careful,” oh no.

Nobody deserves that stuff at all.

But it’s amazing to me how even as a journalist in a place that (rightfully) inspired paranoia, I just didn’t care?

Maybe that speaks to the nature of life in Moscow, where “tomorrow may very well not come” is an ethos

Or maybe it speaks to how in my marriage, my concerns about “fans” were rarely taken seriously

Or to growing up

Or all three

Either way, y’all, learn from my mistakes 🤣👍🏻

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