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Breaking this out into a separate thread. If you see an ICE encounter, I was given some very quick tips on recording evidence, which will follow.

Don't consider this an official training, and please link up with organizations in your area who do this, as they will likely have on-the-ground experience with agencies in your area.

1. As with most LEOs, it is basically impossible to stop an agent dead set on hauling someone away. Your presence as a witness collecting evidence is helpful in potentially proving, in court, unlawful arrest or detainment.

2. Keep a distance that is safe for you, and never physically instruct officers. This can easily escalate the situation, and your safety as well as the safety of those being sought by agents should be paramount.

3. If you are given commands, follow them, and state loudly, for the camera, that you are following them and how. For example, if told to back up, move backwards while stating that you are backing up.

4. State everything that you are seeing, for the camera. The recording may not show everything you think it does. Do not falsify what you are seeing.

There are other advice threads like this on here, and I encourage you to read and share them, too, or share your experiences if you've been witness to an ICE encounter.

For undocumented folks or their loved ones, this page has Know Your Rights pamphlets in the following languages: English, Somali, Vietnamese, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Hmong. 

Better, Twitter-friendlier KYR with translations thread (h/t @sakeriver):

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