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This video is very interesting. Noosphere = Pierre de Teilhard de Chardin = Jesuit, Piltdown Man hoax, John Perry Barlow's hero (thread). The idea of a "World Brain" can be traced back 2 centuries. Check out CryptoBeast 11 with @joeatwill 

2. TdC got quoted at the recent Royal Wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. They're always very clear to identify him as a Jesuit. The concept of the Noosphere is important- the telepathic shared consciousness of all humanity. 

3. There's a huge problem in Darwin's Theory of Evolution. There is no fossil record of single-celled amoeba evolving into apes and then humans. The so-called "missing link" has still never been found. But TdC was part of a scam pretending they found it: 

4. Why would a known scammer continue to be lionized by intellectuals, even quoted at a Royal Wedding? Vast shadow fortunes are invested in this. I look at TdC as a product of the #SecretSociety, a #LifetimeActor

See my recent thread on the Scarcity Myth:

5. Thanks to @occulturalism for promoting Part 7 of my series Silicon Valley's Secret Weapon: The Shadow History of Burners. Release date 26 Aug 2017, during #BurningMan. I talked about Egregores, I first learned the term watching @lifttheveil411 #MAYHEM 

6. Another thought form of note is the Psychopomp, like the "White Rabbit". Project MAYHEM and "Anonymous" were talking about this before #QAnon

7. Avatar is not just a James Cameron movie (Parts 2 & 3 being filmed in New Zealand for many years now, 2 due out Dec 17 2021). Avatar is a hindu concept of a liaison between humans and the realm of the Gods. From Encylopedia Brittanica:

8. A tulpa is a thought form which manifests in a spirit-like being. Sort of like summoning a demon. An Egregore is like a cluster of tulpas which becomes its own mega-tulpa...AIUI. Anyone with better knowledge please chime in. 

9. Last tweet referenced XIV Dalai Lama. He was recruited by Hitler (see 7 Years in Tibet), became 🤡, then paid at least $1 million by #NXIVM -XIV- 

10. A "social organism", a work of "Pan-Ic Art" is a self-sustaining #Egregore. To me, Burning Man is the best example I can think of - the original product of Project #MAYHEM. I am sure there are many others. #PizzaGate is an Egregore and possibly now a social organism.

11. You can think of all these various types of thought-forms as magic spells. Dr Michael Aquino, author of 1980 paper From Psyop to MindWar - the Pyschology of Victory, equated propaganda/psyops to Lesser Black Magic. Co-author became Fox military analyst 

12. The smartest mind controllers of the San Francisco Bay Area are continually coming up with new cults, egregores, LARPs, tulpas, you name it. Usually drug-fueled. This 2013 documentary on the Jejune Institute is a must-watch IMO #ARG #gangstalking 

13. Silicon Valley's Secret Weapon: The Shadow History of Burners Part 7 - Social Engineering on the Electronic Frontier

Download the powerpoint with citations here 

and watch the video here: 

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