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1. Downtown Abbey Democratic Presidential Endorsements.

(There will be some repeats for the sake of accuracy and this is largely based on the first and second seasons)

Tom Branson --- Bernie Sanders

2. Lord Grantham -- Joe Biden

3. Anna Smith Bates -- Elizabeth Warren

4. Lady Sybil -- Beto O'Rourke

5. Dowager Countess -- Kamala Harris

6. Matthew Crawley -- Pete Buttigieg

7. Sarah O'Brien -- Amy Klobuchar

8. Daisy Mason -- Cory Booker

9. Lady Mary -- Kirsten Gillibrand

10. Mrs. Hughes - Kamala Harris

11. Thomas Barrow -- Tulsi Gabbard

12. Lady Edith -- Elizabeth Warren

13. Mrs. Patmore -- Amy Klobuchar

14. Mr. Carson -- Michael Bennet

(He would normally go for Joe Biden, but he simply can't tolerate the gaffes)

15. Joseph Molesley -- Pete Buttigieg

16. Countess of Grantham -- Kirsten Gillibrand

17. Mrs. Crawley -- Elizabeth Warren

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