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Early next week, United Food and Commercial Workers union members in Southern and Central California plan to vote on whether to authorize a strike. Negotiations have stalled on a new contract with Albertsons — which owns Vons, Pavilions and Ralphs.  https://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-ralphs-vons-albertsons-strike-vote-20190622-story.html 

Nearly 16 years ago, the largest and longest supermarket strike in U.S. history reshaped the Southern California grocery industry. And now it might happen again. Below, a shopper passes picketing workers in December 2003.  https://lat.ms/2IxiXYl 

The vote doesn’t necessarily mean a grocery workers strike will happen. But if approved, it would enable the union to call a strike whenever it wants. That approval would send a message to the companies that a walkout is possible.  https://lat.ms/2IxiXYl 

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