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The most common thing I see in Silicon Valley is the recently rich & powerful admonishing the current poor & powerless for wanting to be rich & powerful.

Go get that money, go get that power: that’s how you change the world.

& trust me, money & power will make you MUCH happier.

Being poor & powerless sucks—change that first.

Waking up wondering if you will be able to get through this week/ months bill leads to short term decision making.

Get to one or two years salary/spend in the bank & you start playing the LONG GAME—you sleep well & will win big!

Do not listen to the Silicon Valley bullshit that it’s not about the money — from the people who have all the money.

Go get that money...
go get that power...

Then tell me how right I was.


1/If you’re suffering from depression/anxiety/etc money won’t solve those things but it will pay for a great therapist & let you define your schedule

2. Being able to afford mental health & no having financial pressure can solve/relieve issues


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