Jennifer Gunter @DrJenGunter The Gray Lady’s gynecologist (@NYTStyles), sexpert, appropriately confident, lasso of truth, I speak for no one but me. The Vagina Bible (8/27), Jensplaining. Jun. 23, 2019 2 min read

I am convinced men of power who abuse and molest and rape don’t remember what they have done as extraordinary as they feel they were owed or it was their right. To grope and penetrate to them seems almost like breathing, it is so effortless and doesn’t register.

And the institutions that protect these men? Imagine dismissing complaint after complaint? What goes on in the heads of administrators like this fascinated me. Do they think *all* the women are lying? Or do they think this man is such a prince the wake of devastation is worth it?

I think the administrators know. They protect the patriarchal status quo. They think women fabricate. The administrators believe the men, this protects their jobs in the short term and they know the system will beat the women down in the long term.

I’m speaking from experience here. After a joke of an investigation the institution would not tell me what they had decided - even tho I told them what happened to my body. When I asked the Chair he didn’t have the courtesy to reply, foisted me off on his secretary.

When you think of how HARD it is to come forward, how everything is stacked against the women who were violated and how they are treated so cruelly, it is ridiculous to think their coming forward is for "attention." No one wants this kind of attention.

Coming forward years later? You never know what will trigger you to talk. I waited > 20 years to publicly disclose I was raped. I only did because George Will pissed me off. But each woman who comes forward with her story makes every one of us think about when it happened to us.

But the thing that is extraordinary -- or sadly not -- about E, Jean Carroll's story is that is sounds so familiar, excruciatingly so in fact, to many women.

I keep thinking when I hear their voices and read their words, "Oh my God, this woman's pain will be enough." And when it isn't I think "Now, this one, Her pain will do it.." And over and over again.

Making abusers bear responsibility for their actions seems like the biggest glass ceiling of all.

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