Max Kennerly @MaxKennerly Trial lawyer by day. Cookie monster by night. Jun. 23, 2019 1 min read

The Senate's immigration emergency funding bill is a joke. Senate Dems give the Trump Admin money it'll funnel to favored contractors, and in exchange get zero meaningful improvements to the status quo.

Trump/GOP will blame Dems regardless of the money. Get something for it.

.@HouseDemocrats have an opportunity, right now, to make this the focus and improve it. Agree to the 'emergency' funding Trump/GOP want--but with extensive specifics about detention conditions and oversight, and no "if the Secretary determines" loopholes.

Shout-out to @rosadelauro for getting it exactly right: “Given the Trump Administration’s history of abuses, Congress cannot and will not provide them with a blank check to continue its immoral and dangerous immigration policies." 

Notice how he switched up the demands -- he's not even talking about the money, now he wants asylum law changed. @TeamPelosi, you're going to get blamed if you give him the money or not. So get something for the money: reform and oversight of the camps.

Thread. It's a choice by Trump to make the camps this way. This is also why the Senate funding bill should be a non-starter: it's just throwing money at Trump with no strings attached. Favored contractors will get more money, but conditions won't improve.

Me, June 22, with an obvious observation: "Trump/GOP will blame Dems regardless of the money. Get something for it."

Dem leadership: it's cool, sign the bill creating a big slush fund for Trump donors with border detention contracts.

Pence, yesterday:

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