Jonathan Blitzer @JonathanBlitzer Staff writer @newyorker Jun. 23, 2019 1 min read

For those scoring at home, here's the plot arc of the ICE enforcement operation slated to start this weekend: (i) The President preempts the operation by announcing on Twitter that there will be one, thereby surprising ICE officials & forcing them to scramble. 1/

(ii) hasty preparations are made & ICE officers are annoyed & frustrated that Trump has exposed them. Some voice concerns abt their own safety in carrying out the operation given how Trump has made their plans public. 2/

Others worry that the more targeted operation they're trying to plan will fall short of Trump's announcement that "millions" will be arrested. (iii) The Admin calls off the operation because of all the chaos and uncertainty. 3/

(iv) Then, members of Trump Admin insinuate that the head of DHS leaked details of impending raids to the press in order to hobble their execution, even though the WH actively kept him out of the loop on its preparations and messaging around them. (v) Prez blames the Dems. end/

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