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After two hours of negotiations, both sides came to an agreement. The losses had been heavy and it was too soon to talk friendship.

But at least they could agree to stay away from each other’s territory and stop shooting at people.  https://lat.ms/31ZXwXM 

The ceasefire talks were part of an effort by area gang leaders to curtail violence in their own ranks following the killing of Nipsey Hussle, whose influence extended beyond hip-hop culture.  https://lat.ms/31MUCWh 

Starting with a cross-section of gangs marching together at a memorial for Hussle and continuing with summits in L.A. and Compton, the movement has already yielded tangible results.  https://lat.ms/31ZXwXM 

A key to change, many say, is younger gang members who are not inclined to bow to authority, even within their own organizations.

To that end, a new generation of gang leaders has come to the fore.  https://lat.ms/31ZXwXM 

Older “OGs” still play a vital role. But millennials who live on Instagram have a better chance of getting through to the youngsters on their own side.  https://lat.ms/31ZXwXM 

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