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We will see more of this. Ravelry has always stood out as a revitalization of the old internet — a low-tech, utilitarian social network. As Social begins to look more like forums, to be low-tech, built on open-source, we will see them skew in multitudes of every ideologue.

When this hits Fox News, the boomers that only interact with Ravelry through stolen patterns reposted to Facebook will be so upset. But, at last, we should expect to see more of this. And, unfortunately, many will have concentrations that resemble Gab too.

The best parallel to Ravelry's ban is in moot's 4chan leadership, where he complied w/ FBI warrants, then DMCA, & finally hit the self-destruct button to ban Gamergate and walk away. That 'authoritarianism' spawned 8chan. The question is whether that's bad  https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-features/4chans-overlord-christopher-poole-reveals-why-he-walked-away-93894/ 

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