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1. This piece fails to mention a crucial fact: Rice farming is known to be a major contributor to climate change, and new research suggests it is far bigger a problem than previously thought. Techniques intended to reduce emissions may in fact be boosting some greenhouse gases.

2. Past estimates have suggested that 2.5% of human-induced climate warming can be attributed to rice (a staple for 60% of humans) farming, but now it is believed that the impact of rice cultivation may be up to twice as bad as previous estimates suggest. 

3. “The full climate impact of rice farming has been significantly underestimated because up to this point, nitrous dioxide emissions from intermittently flooded farms have not been included,” said Dr Kritee Kritee from the Environmental Defense Fund, who led the research.”

4. Think about this next time you get rice 🍛 or waste it: Despite being a powerful greenhouse gas in its own right that traps even more heat in the atmosphere than methane, most rice producing countries do not report their nitrous oxide emissions…

5. So the big question is: If rice farming is such a big contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, why isn’t public being educated about this - wouldn’t more education help so people consume less rice or inspire some to come up with better ways to grow it?

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