Yashar Ali 🐘 @yashar New York Magazine/HuffPost Contributor Email: [email protected] Direct Messages Open Text/Call/Signal/Confide/WhatsApp: 310-795-2497. Agents: UTA Jun. 24, 2019 1 min read

1. Do not assume your caretaker friends, family, & colleagues don't need anything. The most capable people in your life, the ones who everyone goes to for help, can only do what they do either by depleting their emotional reserves or getting them replenished by folks like you

2. So if you have someone like this in your life, the person who seems to be capable of doing it all, the person who always has the answers, please do not think you can't offer them anything because they're so capable. Remember, they may initially reject whatever you're offering

3. That's cause they're used to doing everything for themselves & others but keep pressing (gently). Also no one can reject (at least initially) kind words & thoughts. Doesn't matter how capable, powerful, knowledgable, etc someone is...everyone needs validation, support, & love

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