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I have written about the Democratic circular firing squads. The threads are a little dated, now, but I can give you the gist.

NYU psychologist @JonHaidt has a wonderful youtube lecture on the differences between conservatives and liberals.

2/3 The lecture is included in this thread👇 …

Conservatives and authoritarians have a tendency to fall in line. Authoritarians like strong leaders, uniformity, and sameness. Conservatives value loyalty.

On the other hand, liberals and . . .

3/3 . . . non-authoritarians, who value diversity and individuality, naturally tend too splinter.

This is one of many reasons those who Saunders & NGO call right wing authoritarians tend to have so much power beyond their numbers. See👇

Remember. . .

. . . liberals and non-authoritarians have an even bigger advantage: Numbers. There are far more of us. The other advantage now in the U.S. is that liberals and non-authoritarians have the demographics of the future: Democrats are younger. The Trump-Fox-GOP is shrinking.

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