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Georgia’s new anti-aboriton law has exposed deep divides between the entertainment industry and Southern conservatism.  https://lat.ms/31ZWr2a 

The Peach State’s film industry accounts for 92,000 jobs and generates about $3 billion in annual revenues.  https://lat.ms/31ZWr2a 


“The Georgia’s abortion debate raises deeper questions over how Hollywood and conservatism can coexist in an age when Trump is hardening cultural lines and entertainment workers must balance their politics with their livelihoods,” writes @JeffreyLAT  https://lat.ms/31ZWr2a 

Read the rest of our series on the cultural touchstones that will define, bind and divide us ahead of the 2020 presidential election here:  https://www.latimes.com/entertainment/la-et-cultural-divide-series-20190216-htmlstory.html 

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