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A town hall featuring Pete Buttigieg broke into near chaos as the Democratic presidential candidate tried to respond to community anger over a white police officer’s killing of a black man.  https://lat.ms/2FuL60b 

Police said Sgt. Ryan O’Neill shot Eric Jack Logan in the parking lot of an apartment. O’Neill was responding to reports of cars being burglarized.

The sergeant didn’t turn on his body camera as required, leaving black residents in doubt of the sergeant’s side of the story.

The shooting victim’s mother publicly chastised the mayor.

“It’s time for you to do something,” Shirley Newbill told Buttigieg.  https://lat.ms/2FuL60b 

Buttigieg has tried to bolster his support from black voters with events such as a much-publicized lunch with Al Sharpton.  https://lat.ms/2ZP1fFL 

But even before the tensions in South Bend became news, Buttigieg’s campaign rallies and town halls in predominantly black neighborhoods around the country had attracted mostly white voters.  https://lat.ms/2ZCjPRg 

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