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An old story:

1. Man engages in actions that could put him in prison for 10+ years.
2. Man gets great deal—is looking at 6 months max.
3. Man tries every trick in book to avoid doing even a day of prison time.

I've been researching Flynn for 2 years. Six months would be a gift.

1/ Let's be clear: Flynn was illegally negotiating US foreign policy with Russia—and others—throughout the presidential campaign, both before and after he knew the Russians were committing crimes to aid Trump, and his actions were intended to induce illicit Russian aid for Trump.

2/ The reason his *judge* said "you sold your country out" and raised the prospect of treason charges is that no judge—nor any other citizen—can think of a political operative who did or would ever do (by the way, *for money*) what Flynn did in 2016. Yes, he betrayed his country.

3/ Can you imagine betraying your country, the federal government saying "that'll only cost you 6 months max, but you can argue for no time," and you whine and fire your attorneys and make noise about withdrawing your plea? Can you imagine doing that and having any self-respect?

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