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In July 2018 a video began circulating showing soldiers taking away 2 women and 2 young children and executing them at the side of a road. Nearly a year later the government that first claimed the story was "fake news" is putting the perpetrators on trial 

This follows a multi-award winning BBC Africa Eye collaborative online open source investigation, Anatomy of a Killing, that identified the location, time frame, and individuals in the the video.

The investigation was produced by @yaolri @danielsilas @BenDoBrown and @EmmanuelFreuden for the BBC, with investigators from @bellingcat and @amnesty, as well as @Sector035 @obretix @y_vdw @JHarris_UK @MFlumf @trbrtc @ilariallegro @samdubberley

Many of the investigators involved were not professional investigators, but keen amateurs who gave their spare time to identify killers in a case that was dismissed by the Cameroonian government initially as "fake news".

It's thanks to those investigators that two women and two children taken to the side of a road and executed in cold blood could not be simply dismissed as fake news, and that their killers are no longer free.

The full BBC Africa Eye report can be found here: 
This was followed by a May 2019 update on what happened next 

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