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1. Yep, just 40 years ago Iran and Israel were in cahoots to jointly develop a missile (reproducing an American design) that could be fitted with nuclear ☢️ warheads. (Iran supplied Israel with $280 million worth of oil as a down payment).

2. The Israeli weapons deal with Iran was rife with fraud. With each of the joint projects, Israelis planned to deceive Iranians by providing them only an outdated version of the weapon in question, while using Iranian money to build a new generation for Israel's exclusive use.

3. As Yaakov Shapiro, Defense Ministry official in charge of negotiations with Iran from 1975-1978 recalls, “In Iran they treated us like kings…without the ties with Iran, we would not have had the money to develop weaponry that is today in the front line of defense for Israel.”

4. To disguise the arms deal, Israel and Iran each set up straw companies in Virgin Islands; the papers were worded in such a way that if they were ever discovered, their true nature would not be discernible. The surprising success of Khomeini’s revolution put an end to the deal.

5. If Khomeini had delayed his revolution, and allowed the Iran-Israel arms deal to complete, he would’ve taken over a very different Iran, one armed with long-range nuclear-capable missiles that used technology supplied by…Israel!

6. ''You must have a ground-to-ground missile,'' former Israeli Defense Minister General Weizman once tried to convince his Iranian counterpart. ''A country like yours with F-14's, with F-4's, with the problems surrounding you, with a good missile force, a clever and wise one.''

7. US struck Iranian military computers this week but just 45 years ago, Iran was one of the best customers of US arms. Between 1971 and 1975, the Shah went on a buying spree, ordering $8 billion in weapons from the US, which later fell under the control of Ayatollah Khomeini.

8. The Shah bought a total of 200+ F-4, F-5, and F-14 (yes, the fighter in Top Gun) and a whopping 714 Phoenixes, plus dozens of AGM-65 Maverick missiles from the US, all of which came in handy for Iran during its war with Iraq. 

9. According to Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Iran purchased thousands of missiles from the US between 1971-1979. Other reports indicate that Iran has also modified these missiles. And US has been scrambling to sabotage them. 

10. The program to sabotage Iran’s military efforts was created under George W. Bush. Faulty parts and materials were deliberately slipped into Iran’s aerospace supply chains. The program was active in the Obama administration as well.

11. Sanctions have made it easier for US to sabotage Iran’s military and aerospace supply chains. Sanctions meant Iran also relied increasingly on black markets and shadowy middlemen — targets the CIA found comparatively easy to penetrate and exploit.

12. Meanwhile, Israel still owes Iran billions of dollars in debt. A jointly-owned oil pipeline was nationalized by Israel after the 1979 Revolution, after which Iran turned from being Israel’s ally to its enemy, and Iran's assets were expropriated. 

13. Israel says it will not pay the debt to Iran, citing sanctions and other laws. "Without referring to the matter at hand, we'll note that according to the Trading with the Enemy Act it is forbidden to transfer money to the enemy, including the Iranian national oil company."

14. Anyway, the point of this thread is to show that relations between Iran-Israel and Iran-US were not always hostile - and with better leadership on all sides, war can be avoided - especially a war that will produce 100 million metric tons of CO2 and other greenhouse gases.

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